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School of Rock Fic Exchange

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The School of Rock fic exchange is here to attempt to fill the recent deficit in fics. And to have fun! ^.^

Assignments went out on 3/10. Tentative due date is 3/31. If anyone cannot meet that deadline, let me know by one week before (3/24).

Some pertinent points to bring up from the rules:
&hearts Please email me the fics, rather than posting them yourself. I'll post them, and (on a date yet to be determined) will reveal the authors. (On that note, if you'd like to know who your giftee is, just email me. I just realized that I didn't tell anyone. -.-;;)
&hearts PLEASE have your stories beta'd! Preferably not by anyone else in the exchange, because then they'd know. (duh.)

Any questions/comments/anything can be directed to sorfics@gmail.com